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Divorce Survival Kit

  1. Get counseling so that you can unload your emotional baggage.
  2. Look to the future not backwards-move on. Allow plenty of time for readjustment.
  3. Do not try to “get back” at your spouse. Revenge has no place in a courtroom.
  4. Take care of yourself so that you can maintain your composure and sense of balance. Divorce is stressful-allow yourself plenty of time to decompress.
  5. Mediate your case rather than litigate if at all possible. Litigation is stressful.
  6. Tell your children that they are not to blame and that they are not being rejected or abandoned.
  7. Continual anger, bitterness and criticism of the other parent can harm your children more than the dissolution itself.children need to respect both parents.
  8. Get counseling for your children. .
  9. Do not force your children to take sides.
  10. Do not change the childrens’ routine too quickly. Children need to have a sense of continuity and order and direction.
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