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If you have established an estate plan, we can ensure that your will or trust instructions are followed on your behalf. Your Florida estate is managed and distributed through a court-managed process called probate or estate administrations after you or a loved one passes away. Our Longwood, FL law firm is experienced with the Florida probate process and is here to work hard with your loved ones to navigate the estate administration process as efficiently as possible.

What is the Probate Process in Florida?

A probate is a court-supervised process to distribute assets to beneficiaries after your or a loved one’s death.  Any assets owned in your name or made payable to your estate will go through probate.

Why Avoid Florida Probate?

Florida probate can be expensive, time-consuming, and public. Some clients want to keep their family and financial affairs private after their death. The Law Office of Dana Bowie is experienced in estate administration and can assist with the process of trust planning and avoiding probate or assist you and a loved one during the probate process in Orange County, Seminole County, and surrounding Central Florida areas.

How Can a Probate Attorney Help You During the Probate Process?

  • Petitioning the court to appoint a personal representative
  • Obtaining appraisals of your home and assets
  • Connecting them with real estate agents and accountants
  • Filing an inventory and accounting
  • Distributing assets to who you want
  • Assisting in the payment of bills and debt

Our central Florida law office will provide personal attention and professionalism to guide you confidently through the probate administration process, moving the process along as fast as possible and facilitating a smooth and orderly transfer of assets following a loved one’s death.

The Law Office of Dana Bowie is here to help you and your loved ones understand Estate Planning, Elder Law, Probate, and Trusts at our Longwood, Florida law firm. We welcome you to contact us to learn more about how we can help meet your probate and estate administration legal matters in Orange County, Seminole County, and surrounding Central Florida areas.

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